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Michelle [userpic]
Challenge 01
by Michelle (micheemee)
at August 10th, 2006 (07:06 pm)

So it's Thursday and I've decided to start the challenges! :D

The first challenge will start tomorrow (on Friday) and here are the rules.

All challenges will start on Friday of each week.
They will end on the following Tuesday.

Members will vote between Tuesday and Wednesday on their 3 favourites.

On Thursday the winners will be announced and their icons will be shown and put into the memories, tags, and will receive a contest banner showing their accomplishment.

When posting an entry for the contest, please make sure your reply is set so that only I can see it, therefore there won't be any icons judged on the popularity of the maker.

Also, make sure your entry has the following requirements:
Your Name:
Your Entry:

Have Fun!!