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!share your goodies!

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This community is for punk rock lovers to come and share their goodies with other punk rock lovers. You can share mp3s, graphics (including wallpapers, icons, banners, blends, etc), magazine articles, new communities (relating to anything punk), images of punk bands, promoting a store for punk clothes, and any other kinds of goodies you can think of. Also, it doesn't matter if the band is new or old!

1. Please do not bash a band if you do not like them.
2. You do not have to limit your posts, anyone can post as much as they want whenever they want.
3. If you are a new member, please fill out this form:
Fave Bands:

4. When posting goodies, put them under an lj cut
5. Try not postng repeated images, songs, etc unless there is a broken zip file, image file, etc. in the original
6. When posting, please include what band you are showcasing and what it is you are showcasing )ie: Sex Pistols - Icons)
7. When posting, make sure you add a tag stating which bands are in your post
8. you may ask questions such as: "does anyone have *insert song title, image, icon, etc here*?"
9. If you plan on asking a question, please check the memories and the tags first :D

Have Fun!!

I'll be updating this whenever I get a chance, o whenever I think of adding something.